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Unlocking Success: The Importance of Being Financially Literate In today's complex and rapidly changing world, financial literacy has emerged as an indispensable skill that is critical for any age, occupation, and socioeconomic background. It is the cornerstone of making informed decisions, achieving economic stability, and realizing one's aspirations. Whether you're a student, a professional, or a retiree, the significance of being financially literate cannot be overstated. How does it help you?


Empowering Decision-Making: Financial literacy empowers individuals to navigate the intricate landscape of personal finance with confidence.


Creating a Secure Future: Individuals who are financially literate can effectively plan for emergencies, unexpected life events, and retirement. This proactive approach minimizes financial stress and ensures a more secure future


Individuals who are financially literate can effectively plan for emergencies, unexpected life events, and retirement. This proactive approach minimizes financial stress and ensures a more secure future.


Enhancing Career Prospects: Financial literacy isn't limited to personal finance; it extends to understanding business finance as well. Professionals with a grasp of financial concepts have a competitive edge in the job market.

So, financial literacy is the confident understanding of concepts such as saving expenses, investing, and debt that leads to an overall sense of financial well-being

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Program Chart: For Grades 6th -10th


PROGRAM Basic Standard Advanced
15 Classes 30 Classes 50 Classes
Live Class Yes Yes Yes
Batch Strength 30 30 30
Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Assignments Yes Yes Yes
Duration 30 hrs 30 hrs 30 hrs
Practical Projects Yes Yes Yes


 Broad Course Content  


Grade 6th

Grade 7th

Grade 8th

Grade 9th

Grade 10th

Barter System

Need for borrowing and Sources

Insurance: introduction



Evolution of money

Roles and functions of RBI

Types of Insurance

Financial Sector reforms

Beware: E commerce

Needs and wants

Consumer Protection

Types of Banks

Source of Funds

Commodity, Futures

Bills/cash Memo

Introduction to Banking


Identity: PAN and AADHAR

IT in insurance and ombudsman

Benefits of Trade

Banking: types of accounts

Money in and Money Out: DD and payment order

Grievance redressal

Investing in Share markets

Grandfathers coins

Banking: With new Technology


Credit cards and debit card

Economic booms and dooms


Shopping without cash

Banks accounts

Risk and Protection

IPO and other financing options

Nurturing The money plant

The Poor man’s wealth

How do GST and Tax differ

Natural disasters

Stock Exchange and Economy


Go shopping

Operating your bank account


RBI, Budgeting, Inflation

SEBI grievance redressal mechanisms


Simple Interest Rates


Banks and Loans

Learning to Trade

 Benefits of Financial Literacy at a Young Age:

  1. Smart Money Habits: Early exposure to financial concepts cultivates responsible spending and saving habits, paving the way for a lifetime of financial prudence.
  2. Empowered Decision-Making: Young individuals equipped with financial literacy skills make educated choices about education, career, and investments, leading to better life outcomes.
  3. Debt Avoidance: Understanding the implications of debt prevents young adults from falling into financial traps, setting them on a path of financial independence.
  4. Future Financial Security: Building a strong financial foundation in youth enables individuals to plan for emergencies, retirement, and long-term goals, ensuring a secure and prosperous future.


































Thanking Finkomm for developing such a beautiful course which is a must for all students to go through. I think that Financial Skills is very essential tool that all the students should posses where they start learning concepts on Money Management, Budgeting, Basics on Taxes, investments etc and am so grateful to Finkomm for developing this curriculum


My son is in Grade 10th and is very happy to go through this course in Financial Literacy. Its an eye opener for the students and to learn more on financial topics. As a parent, I am thankful to Finkomm for designing such a curriculum and making it fun to learn for students.

-Pallavi Chavhan

We never had this opportunity to learn on Financial Topics at this early stage of our life but is fortunate that my child has the benefit. After having attended the session from Finkomm ,I am amazed to see my child discussing about money , budgets etc and I would like to personally thank Finkomm for having brought this change in my child.

-Rajiv Pillai

I believe that educating the students at the young age on financial domain, at least the basics is very important and essential in todays world. They learn topics on use of money, investments etc which are crucial for them and would like to thank Finkomm and its faculties for making it happen.

-Deepak Pamnani

I believe that money management is an essential skill in our lives and learning about finance and its related topics at an early age can train the young minds to use them effectively going forward. Finkomm has a course that is very practical and easy to understand. It is also presented in a way that the child is engaged continuously.

-Minu Prashanth

I had my both daughters studying in grade 5th and 7th enrolled for this session and I am delighted to see the impact in them. They ensure not to miss the session as they get to learn more and develop their financial skills which is very essential in today’s world. Thank you Finkomm for developing such a beautiful course.

-Asha Sajeev

My Daughter is really excited after going attending the basic session of the financial Literacy class by Finkomm . The concepts are very well explained and easy for students to understand, I recommend that all students should attend such sessions to get an insight on finance knowledge.

-Prince Mathew

Sarika madam focuses on the concepts, helps in boosting the morale of the student and encourages all to participate in class activities.

-Atharva Vilankar

Shivangi ma'am has always been my support system since the time I was in the institution she always supported me into everything and no matter how hard the situation is she would always find ways to motivate us and bring the best possible solution to the problem in all we would give her a rating of 10/10

-Razda Tabassum, 3rd year

I had the privilege of being taught by one of the best teachers Dr. Shivangi Dwivedi. All of us were lucky enough to gain immense knowledge and wisdom from her.

-Kanu Tiwari, Taxation

I am really grateful for the session you have provided. The appropriate guidance and problem solving abilities clears the doubts of the students . Thank you sir

-Akhil Gupta

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