Embark on an exceptional learning journey with Finkomm's Finance Labs, the nucleus of our distinctive approach. Similar to science labs, these labs are your gateway to practical excellence in every course. Imagine immersing yourself in real-world scenarios, applying theory to tangible situations. These labs form the bedrock of every course, ensuring a robust 40% of your time is devoted to hands-on learning. Beyond that, these labs serve as a nexus to industry leaders, letting you interact, compete, and intern. Access journals, databases, and cultivate skills that thrive in the finance world. Join us in shaping your future, one practical step at a time


The lab includes the following

  • Access to internship opportunities
  • Case studies
  • Practice problems
  • Real life corporate problem discussions
  • Interactions with industry experts
  • Competitions judged by industry professionals
  • Access to databases
  • Links to supplementary reading material
  • Journals

All the material in the lab would be mapped to either one or many topics and courses. The industry interactions would be carried out at logical academic intervals and would constitute the faculty guidance after the interactions also. The students could access the labs either in individual form or groups depending on the academic requirements. There would be guided group discussions and industry discussions as and when available.


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